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Robert Carstensen
Excellent training, I received a lot of driving hours in my course. Thanks to Brooks & Joe!
Alan Mclane
I am very pleased with the instruction Joe and Brooks provided while I attended my Class 1A Driving Course!
Stephen McKinnon
Lots of fun - I have nothing but good things to say about everyone at 18-Wheels... keep up the great work!
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18-Wheels Training Services
Regina, Sk   S4N 6G3
435 Longman Crescent
(306) 352 - 1821
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We use a ratio of two students per one unit (2:1) during practical instruction. This allows the students the opportunity to observe as well as operate the equipment.
Training is available in either Standard Transmission or Automatic Transmission. All drivers that choose to test in an automatic transmission are restricted to driving automatic vehicles only and are required to retest before being able to drive standard transmission units.
Please note that as of March 15th, 2019 the Government of Saskatchewan and SGI have implemented mandatory entry level training for all drivers wanting to obtain a Class 1A license with full driving privileges.
18-Wheels also offers Class 3A Driver Training, Farm Endorsement Training and Air Brake Courses.
For the Class 1A, Farm Endorsement or Class 3A the appropriate learner's license is required before starting a course. This consists of a commercial driver's medical completed with a doctor's office and the written exams completed through an SGI testing office.
Before we roll, you must have:
  • Proof of age (18 years min.)
  • A valid Class 5 license (no novice restriction)
  • Commercial Drivers Medical
  • Class 1A or 3A learner's license (endorsed on license)
  • Proof of written air exam
  • Recent copy of Driver Abstract
Class 1A Mandatory Training (Melt Course)
$11,000+ GST
  • 4-5 week duration (20-25 days)
  • 47 hours In-Class time
  • 57 hours In-Cab time
  • 17.5 hours In-Yard Time
    (Pre-Trip/Air Brakes/Coupling)
* The Melt course covers all requirements set forth by SGI for mandatory training. The length of the course ensures that students receive all the required minimum hours for in- cab training, in-yard and module work that completes the in-class hours. Students may finish the course with more than the minimum hours listed. Mandatory training was implemented to help prepare new drivers to have a full Class 1A license with a better understanding of the industry they are entering.
Farm Endorsement 40 HR Standard Program
$5,000+ GST
  • 2 week duration (10 days)
  • 4 hours In-Class time
  • 31 hours In-Cab time
  • 9 hours In-Yard Time
    (Pre-Trip/Air Brakes/Coupling)
* The Farm Endorsement allows individuals to operate farm plated vehicles within a 100km radius of the address registered to the plate in Saskatchewan. The Government of Saskatchewan plans to phase this license out March 1st, 2021. As of July 1st, 2020 SGI plans to implement a standard training program for anyone wanting to obtain this license, the in-cab and in-yard hours will count towards the completion of the mandatory Class 1A course.
Farm Endorsement 81.5HR Top Up Program
$5,000 - $7,500+ GST
  • 2-3 week duration (10-15 days)
  • 47 hours In-Class time
  • 24 hours In-Cab time
  • 10.5 hours In-Yard Time
    (Pre-Trip/Air Brakes/Coupling)
* The Farm Endorsement Top Up Program is for anyone that has taken a course prior to July 1st, 2020 and the 40 hour standard program after July 1st, 2020 and needs to upgrade towards the completion of the mandatory training program to keep a Class 1A license. This covers all of the in-class hours and the remainder of in-cab and in-yard hours required to complete mandatory training.

* If one week of training was taken prior to July 1st, 2020, the course length is 3 weeks to complete and the cost is $7,500.00 +GST.

* If the 40 hr standard program has been completed the length of course is 2 weeks and the cost of training is $5,000.00 +GST.
Class 3A One Week
$2,300+ GST
  • 1 week duration (5 days)
  • 4 hours In-Class time
  • 12 hours In-Cab time
  • 10 hours In-Yard Time
    (Pre-Trip/Air Brakes)
* The Class 3A course allows individuals to drive tandem axle trucks with airbrakes after obtaining their license. A one week course is condensed and delivered at a fast pace for individuals with experience in large equipment.

* All class hours are listed are approximations for this course. Students and instructors spend time in the areas that need the most training.
Class 3A Two Week
$4,500+ GST
  • 2 week duration (10 days)
  • 4 hours In-Class time
  • 24 hours In-Cab time
  • 20 hours In-Yard Time
    (Pre-Trip/Air Brakes)
* The Class 3A course allows individuals to drive tandem axle trucks with airbrakes after obtaining their license. A two week course is for the individual with minimal to no experience with large vehicles. Individuals will have more time to learn, understand and feel prepared to drive afterwards.

* All class hours are listed are approximations for this course. Students and instructors spend time in the areas that need the most training.
Airbrake Course
$500+ GST
  • 1-2 days total
  • Practical Test included
* This course is for students who only need their airbrake endorsement. The course is delivered over the day with both in-class knowledge and demonstrations and practical hands on instruction. The written exam is required to be written through an SGI testing office and the practical exam is booked on the second day after the course has been completed. Please contact the office for more information and course schedules.
Road Exams (Practical Tests)
Courses include road exams (practical tests). Road exams are based on whether the student has met all the required criteria set forth by SGI and per the instructors opinion that the individual is safe and ready to test. Road exams are not guaranteed. All road exams and retests are booked at the discretion of 18-Wheels Training Services.

The Class 1A Mandatory Course includes two attempts at the road exam provided students have met the required passing grade on all class and practical modules.

All other courses include one attempt at the road exam provided students have met the required skill level. If a second test is required the truck and trailer are provided at no cost and students are responsible for the cost of the road exam.

All exams are booked through 18-Wheels Training Services and provides the use of the truck and trailer.
Out of Town
18-Wheels Training Services can accommodate training outside of the Regina area. We are able to accommodate training in the following areas: Moose Jaw, Weyburn and Estevan. Currently mandatory training is only available in Regina and Moose Jaw.

We do require two weeks to a month's notice for out of town bookings (dependant on current bookings), to ensure we have enough time to set the course up and provide testing at the end of the course. Two students are required to be registered for a course to run out of town.

We do charge an expense fee ($500.00 +GST) for out of town courses to cover the hotels, meals and mileage (per person, per week). Moose Jaw courses are the same rate as Regina.
Robert Owen
Rob was born in Wrexham, Wales, where he grew up on a mixed sheep & dairy farm. He started trucking in 1994 working for his father hauling livestock. He then began to truck all over Europe and eventually moved to Saskatchewan in 2005, where he continued trucking across Canada and the USA. In 2008 after his son was born, he decided to become a driving instructor.
Alton Moreside
Alton was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. His father owned a small trucking company delivering freight along the number twenty highway. Having been around trucks, he started delivering loads at age fourteen. After he finished high school, he went to work for his brother who continued to run his father's company until 1996. His wife was the one who suggested he become a driving instructor when he trained his step daughters to drive and remained calm when they made mistakes. In-between Alton's had several part time jobs trucking across Western Canada driving various truck & trailer combinations.
Brent Jacobsen
Brent was born in Erikson, Manitoba and became a partner with his dad at the age of nineteen. They formed a trucking company that hauled general freight and livestock, after twenty years, they sold the business and went to work for Paul's Hauling in Brandon, MB. Brent spent the next 14 years working as a long haul driver. He eventually moved to Regina and spent four years driving for the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. In 2002 Brent became a driving instructor, which took him to Kyrgyzstan doing Driver Evaluations in 2003 & 2004. Brent is now on his twelfth year as a driving instructor and fifty years in the trucking industry.
Catherine Banford
Office Manager
Catherine is the Office Manager at 18 Wheels, she is the one who handles the all the bookings, schedules and phone calls. Even though she has only been with the company for a short period of time, Catherine has the office and staff organized and ready to train. She will help you start on your way to becoming a Class 1A or 3A Professional Driver, by helping you book a course or answering your questions.
Brooks Neumann
President & Director
Brooks grew up in rural Saskatchewan approximately 40 miles south of Moose Jaw, SK. His trucking career began in 1985 when he moved to Regina. Throughout his career he has operated various types of units. This career had taken him to many locations in Canada as well as the United States. After 15 years of being a professional driver, Brooks decided to go one step further in the trucking industry and achieved an instructors certificate in 2000.
Glendon Lewis
Glendon was born in Cornwall, Ontario. At a young age Glendon's family moved to a dairy farm in Kipling, Saskatchewan, eventually relocating in Fort Qu'appelle, Saskatchewan. Glendon's trucking career began in 2000 driving for a few different companies before purchasing his own highway unit. His career has taken him to different locations across Canada as well as the United States. In 2008, Glendon began teaching Class 1A & 3A at 18-Wheels.
Robert Davis
Robert was born in Regina, and started his driving career in 1986. While working for various companies he has mentored and trained new drivers and drivers from other countries. He started as a driving instructor in 2006 and has continued to do so ever since. Rob has even helped to develop a training program to help with immigration programs for drivers from the United Kingdom. Rob has many extra certifications as well which make him a great instructor to be at 18-Wheels.
Paul Perry
Paul grew up in Saskatoon, Sk. and relocated to Regina in 2001. He began his career in the transportation industry in 1981 working as a company driver a few years before he purchased his own truck and refrigerated trailer which he ran for several years. He then switched to pulling company trailers as an owner operator. Paul went on to become a Special Project Co-ordinator, Director of Safety & Compliance and worked in various other management positions. He has been in numerous industry related committees, including most recently a federal one to develop National Occupational Standard which is key in the development of having the occupation of operating a commercial vehicle become a recognized trade. Paul joined the 18 wheels team in the spring of 2017 and enjoys the opportunity of working with students and assisting in their development of becoming safe and competent operators.
Norbert Wilkes
Norbert was born in Fillmore, Saskatchewan. He grew up on a farm near Stoughton. In 1983 Norbert received his Class 1A driver's license, this started his career in the oil field industry working in the Estevan area. Over the years Norbert has worked with various companies doing both local and long haul runs and working on equipment in the industry. He achieved his instructing certificate in 2000, working as a trainer and then a safety supervisor before returning to instructing with 18 Wheels Training Services.
Devin Landry
Devin grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. Devin's trucking career began in 2008 working as a mechanic on various different types of trucks and trailers. In 2011 he trained with 18- Wheels Training Services to obtain his Class 1A license. His career has taken him to different locations across the three Prairie Provinces and has pulled multiple trailer combinations. Devin has worked at several different companies over the years eventually taking over driving the family's company truck. In 2018, Devin began teaching Class 1A at 18-Wheels.
Jason Gallon
Jason was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and has lived here his entire life. Jason is an avid sports fan and plays and coaches both baseball and hockey. His trucking career began in 1998 when he obtained his 1A license. Since then he has worked in the oil and gas sector, food delivery and transportation industries. Seeking a way to better utilize the skills and experience he has gained through the years, Jason became a driving instructor in 2020. His calm demeanor and easy going nature make him a great instructor.