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If you are looking for your professional Class 1A & 3A Training, you have come to the right place.

18-Wheels Training Services was founded in 2001, when the owner saw a need in the trucking industry for more capable and skilled individuals entering the career path of being a commercial truck driver. The biggest change to training during the schools time in the trucking industry has been the implementation of Mandatory Entry Level Training for Class 1A licenses by the Government of Saskatchewan in 2019.

Our commitment to our clientele and students is to provide quality and educational training that meets and exceeds current industry standards. Class sizes are kept small to ensure focus and proper training for each student during in-class sections and in-truck, along with dedicated in-yard training space and backing set-ups. Our goal for each student is to leave feeling prepared for their road exam and ready to be on the road trucking.

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Unit 03-05 (BOSS BLUE)

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The 2003 Freightliner Mid Roof Classic features a 430 horse power Detroit Diesel Engine with an eighteen speed Fuller Road Range Transmission.

What Our Students Say

From the students who have been down this road before

(Darin) taught me everything from the beginning in great detail. He ensured that I knew what I needed to and that I was prepared for the test.
Josh Rojas
Learned a lot about driving I didn’t know. The course exceeded my expectations.
Quin Halford
Norbert was excellent and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and have a new found respect for truckers.
John Haight
It was definitely helpful in the way they made it very easy to learn how to drive and didn’t get mad over a mistake. Devin was a really great instructor.
Jayden Zaremba
Brooks is very informative with his years of experience.
Matthew Bergen
The practical experience is nice. Good experienced drivers (Rob) that pay their experience forward.
Michele Riccio
I could not have hoped for a better instructor than Norbert.
Dallas S.

There’s a great group of guys here at 18 Wheels Training Services. The training I received from Brent and the others exceeded my expectations by a long shot, they were a very helpful group.

Russ Panchuk
Rob is a great instructor, a good guy to drive with and learn from. I would recommend him to others.
Blaine Byers

The instruction was fantastic, Glendon was absolutely fantastic to work with. He’s a great instructor.

Sheldon Ferguson

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