Driving Instructor for Regina Full Time

Instructors usually work with one to two students throughout the day and focus on teaching and helping students learn how to drive Class 1A and 3A vehicles. The ideal candidate should be able to work independently with one to two students at a time or as part of a team in group setting.

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Skills & Personality Traits

To be successful in teaching students, you must have these skills

  • Friendly, relaxed and patient
  • Ability to read and anticipate student needs and situations
  • Knowledgeable about trucking and the industry
  • Hard working and able to keep focused on task at hand, detail oriented
  • Mechanical background an asset but not required

Resumes & Requirements

Before you apply, ensure you have the following paperwork

  • Class 1A Driver’s License
  • Driver’s Abstract
  • Proof of 5 years driving experience
  • Proof of high school education
  • Criminal record check
  • References

Work Environment & Schedule

This is what a typical work week & compensation package looks like as an instructor

Work hours are usually 40 hours per week, typically Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm. Hours and start times may vary. Occasional weekends/ and or out of town travel (meals, lodging and travel time provided) may be required once a month.

Once the ideal candidate reaches a temporary instructor status and able to train students, salary starts around $60,000 and up depending on overtime and bonuses. Benefits packages available after wait period.

The successful candidate will be assisted with training and certification.

Resumes can be sent to , or dropped off in person at 18 Wheels Training Services.

What Our Students Say

From the students who have been down this road before

(Darin) taught me everything from the beginning in great detail. He ensured that I knew what I needed to and that I was prepared for the test.
Josh Rojas
Learned a lot about driving I didn’t know. The course exceeded my expectations.
Quin Halford
Norbert was excellent and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and have a new found respect for truckers.
John Haight
It was definitely helpful in the way they made it very easy to learn how to drive and didn’t get mad over a mistake. Devin was a really great instructor.
Jayden Zaremba
Brooks is very informative with his years of experience.
Matthew Bergen
The practical experience is nice. Good experienced drivers (Rob) that pay their experience forward.
Michele Riccio
I could not have hoped for a better instructor than Norbert.
Dallas S.

There’s a great group of guys here at 18 Wheels Training Services. The training I received from Brent and the others exceeded my expectations by a long shot, they were a very helpful group.

Russ Panchuk
Rob is a great instructor, a good guy to drive with and learn from. I would recommend him to others.
Blaine Byers

The instruction was fantastic, Glendon was absolutely fantastic to work with. He’s a great instructor.

Sheldon Ferguson

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