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Our team is made up of expert trucking instructors, friendly office staff & our dedicated ownership.

Brooks Neuman

President & Director

Brooks grew up in rural Saskatchewan approximately 40 miles south of Moose Jaw, SK. His trucking career began in 1985 when he moved to Regina. Throughout his career he has operated various types of units. This career had taken him to many locations in Canada as well as the United States. After 15 years of being a professional driver, Brooks decided to go one step further in the trucking industry and achieved an instructors certificate in 2000.

Catherine Banford

Office Manager

Catherine is the Office Manager at 18 Wheels, she is the one who handles the all the bookings, schedules and phone calls. Catherine has the office and staff organized and ready to train. She will help you start on your way to becoming a Class 1A or 3A Professional Driver, by helping you book a course or answering your questions.

Norbert Wilkes

Truck Driving Instructor

Norbert was born in Fillmore, Saskatchewan. He grew up on a farm near Stoughton. In 1983 Norbert received his Class 1A driver’s license, this started his career in the oil field industry working in the Estevan area. Over the years Norbert has worked with various companies doing both local and long haul runs and working on equipment in the industry. He achieved his instructing certificate in 2000, working as a trainer and then a safety supervisor before returning to instructing with 18 Wheels Training Services.

Devin Landry

Truck Driving Instructor

Devin grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. Devin’s trucking career began in 2008 working as a mechanic on various different types of trucks and trailers. In 2011 he trained with 18- Wheels Training Services to obtain his Class 1A license. His career has taken him to different locations across the three Prairie Provinces and has pulled multiple trailer combinations. Devin has worked at several different companies over the years eventually taking over driving the family’s company truck. In 2018, Devin began teaching Class 1A at 18-Wheels.

Darin Kulman

Truck Driving Instructor

Darin was born and raised in Regina. His family has a background in farming and at a young age he was introduced to trucking through his brother-in-law who was an owner operator. Many years later, a turn of fate led him into trucking and he has never looked back. His first experience teaching came through the opportunity to work with Westcan Bulk Transport as an in-house trainer and he knew that he had found his calling. Darin loves teaching new students and watching them succeed.

Aaron Pinfold

Truck Driving Instructor

Aaron was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He grew up in Crane Valley helping his family run the farm where he learned how to operate heavy machinery. In 1999, Aaron took his Class 1A training in Regina with Brooks and Norbert! His driving career has included hauling van, reefer, flat-deck, oversize and hazardous materials across North America. Aaron began his teaching career at 18-Wheels this year (2022) and looks forward to being back with great mentors and working with future fellow drivers.

Glendon Lewis

Truck Driving Instructor

Glendon was born in Cornwall, Ontario. At a young age Glendon’s family moved to a dairy farm in Kipling, Saskatchewan, eventually relocating in Fort Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan. Glendon’s trucking career began in 2000 driving for a few different companies before purchasing his own highway unit. His career has taken him to different locations across Canada as well as the United States. In 2008, Glendon began teaching Class 1A & 3A at 18-Wheels.

What Our Students Say

From the students who have been down this road before

(Darin) taught me everything from the beginning in great detail. He ensured that I knew what I needed to and that I was prepared for the test.
Josh Rojas
Learned a lot about driving I didn’t know. The course exceeded my expectations.
Quin Halford
Norbert was excellent and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and have a new found respect for truckers.
John Haight
It was definitely helpful in the way they made it very easy to learn how to drive and didn’t get mad over a mistake. Devin was a really great instructor.
Jayden Zaremba
Brooks is very informative with his years of experience.
Matthew Bergen
The practical experience is nice. Good experienced drivers (Rob) that pay their experience forward.
Michele Riccio
I could not have hoped for a better instructor than Norbert.
Dallas S.

There’s a great group of guys here at 18 Wheels Training Services. The training I received from Brent and the others exceeded my expectations by a long shot, they were a very helpful group.

Russ Panchuk
Rob is a great instructor, a good guy to drive with and learn from. I would recommend him to others.
Blaine Byers

The instruction was fantastic, Glendon was absolutely fantastic to work with. He’s a great instructor.

Sheldon Ferguson

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