Farm Endorsement Top Up Program

  • 2-3 week duration (10-15 days)
  • 47 hours In-Class time
  • 24 hours In-Cab time
  • 10.5 hours In-Yard Time (Pre-Trip/Air Brakes/Coupling)
  • Price is $5000-7,500 + GST

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Course Overview

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The Farm Endorsement Top Up Program is for any individuals that had taken a farm endorsement course prior to March 1, 2021 and needs to upgrade towards the completion of the MELT program to keep a Class 1A license. Individuals have until the end of 2023 to complete their training, otherwise they will retain a Class 3A license and be required to take the full Melt course to obtain a Class 1A course. This course covers all of the in-class hours and the remainder of in-cab and in-yard hours required to complete the MELT program. SGI does not require retesting for the road exam.

If one week of training was taken prior to July 1, 2020, the course length is 3 weeks to complete and the cost is $7,500.00 +GST.

If two weeks of training was completed, the remainder of the course is 2 weeks in length and the cost of training is $5,000.00 +GST.

Course Requirements

Before we roll, you must provide the following documentation

  • Current copy of driver’s license

  • Driver’s Abstract (recent copy)

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes run Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm. The school does not offer evening or weekend classes.

At this time the school is not offering payment plans. There may be grants available both for employers and individuals. Please contact the office for information on current grants.

As with any schooling, there is always the chance you may not pass the course or the road exam with SGI. The effort and time you put into it will make a difference whether you fail or succeed.

MELT is short for Mandatory Entry Level Training. SGI gave the Class 1A program this name when it was regulated in 2019.

If a student needs to miss time, usually it is made up at the end of the course. The school doesn’t recommend missing in-class time if possible.

Deposits are due three weeks prior to the course starting for Class 1A not at the time of booking.

Refunds will be issued if you cancel before the three week confirmation period. Anything after the cancellation date remains on file for future use. Tuition fees are non-refundable once the course has started.

What Our Students Say

From the students who have been down this road before

(Darin) taught me everything from the beginning in great detail. He ensured that I knew what I needed to and that I was prepared for the test.
Josh Rojas
Learned a lot about driving I didn’t know. The course exceeded my expectations.
Quin Halford
Norbert was excellent and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and have a new found respect for truckers.
John Haight
It was definitely helpful in the way they made it very easy to learn how to drive and didn’t get mad over a mistake. Devin was a really great instructor.
Jayden Zaremba
Brooks is very informative with his years of experience.
Matthew Bergen
The practical experience is nice. Good experienced drivers (Rob) that pay their experience forward.
Michele Riccio
I could not have hoped for a better instructor than Norbert.
Dallas S.

There’s a great group of guys here at 18 Wheels Training Services. The training I received from Brent and the others exceeded my expectations by a long shot, they were a very helpful group.

Russ Panchuk
Rob is a great instructor, a good guy to drive with and learn from. I would recommend him to others.
Blaine Byers

The instruction was fantastic, Glendon was absolutely fantastic to work with. He’s a great instructor.

Sheldon Ferguson

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