Driving Instructor for Regina Full Time

Instructors usually work with one to two students throughout the day and focus on teaching and helping students learn how to drive Class 1A and 3A vehicles. The ideal candidate should be able to work independently with one to two students at a time or as part of a team in group setting.

Instructors should have the following skills/ personality traits to be successful in teaching students:

Resumes & Requirements must include:

Work hours are usually 40 hours per week, typically Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm. Hours and start times may vary. Occasional weekends/ and or out of town travel (meals, lodging and travel time provided) may be required once a month.

Once the ideal candidate reaches a temporary instructor status and able to train students, salary starts around $50,000 and up depending on overtime and bonuses. Benefits packages available after wait period.

The successful candidate will be assisted with training and certification.

Resumes can be sent to admin.18wheels@sasktel.net , or dropped off in person at 18 Wheels Training Services.

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